Practical info

Arrival and conference check-in
     General Transport to the hotel

Pick-ups from the airport will be arranged from Thursday (19th January) onward. If you arrive earlier (Tuesday, Wednesday), you need to get to the hotel on your own (see “Transport” bellow).

After arrival, look for an IAESTE team to guide you to the car/shuttle.

If you want to change the arrival information you have given us, let us know at

    ♦ Parking
         Hotel parking is available for free of charge.
    ♦ Laundry
         Coin wash is available at the hotel on the 8th floor for 2,000 KRW. Coin dryer is available at the same facility for 2,000 KRW.
    ♦ Fitness Center
         Hotel fitness center with the sauna is available for 6,000 KRW per a day on the B1F.
    ♦ Ac secretariat
         The AC secretariat will be open every day from 8:00 to 20:00.
         The conference check-in starts on Friday, 20th January, at 9:00.

Practical info about the Republic of Korea

    ♦ Weather in January
         For the last week of January, the forecast is between -10 and 0 °C. Please make sure to bring warm clothes.
    ♦ Currency and payments
         The Republic of Korea’s currency is the Korean Won (KRW).
         The exchange rate between EUR and KRW is around 1,250 Korean Won for 1 Euro (as of 17th August, 2016).
         Many shops in Korea do not accept any other currencies besides Korean won.
         However, many big shops and restaurants in Korea accept payment by card.
    ♦ Electricity and Voltage
         The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts (and 60 Hertz, or cycles), and the outlet has two round holes.
         Make sure to bring an adapter for your appliances. If you would like to purchase one in Korea, you may find them at the airport, the retail stores, major duty-free shops, or convenience stores.