Established in 1948, IAESTE ("ai-es-te" or "i-a-es-te") is an international non-profit and non-political organization that provides students paid in technical, course-related, training abroad. The IAESTE network, currently, is in possession of the largest talents exchange network in the world, providing opportunities of overseas placements with payments and other cross cultural volunteer programs in around 90 countries. With the involvements of over 4,000 enterprises, 1,200 universities and exchanging 4,000~6,000 students each year. Since its inception, IAESTE has exchanged more than 350,000 students worldwide. IAESTE maintains consultative or operational relationships with various agencies of the United Nations (including ECOSOC, UNESCO, and UNIDO etc.)


To provide students in higher education with technical experience relevant to their studies
To offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees
To be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host communities


To operate a high quality practical training exchange program between members in order to enhance technical and professional development
To promote international understanding, co-operation and trust amongst students, academic institutions, employers and the wider community
To operate irrespective of race, colour, gender, culture, religious or political beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. To promote non-discriminatory practices.


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